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Wellness lectures

Visualizing Health

To raise awareness about lifestyle options, you can book the lecture "Visualizing Health" that brings your employees on an exciting journey through human physiology and what can be done to enhance and improve their personal health.

When the brain does not go with it

A lecture that gives a lot of inspiration on how we can strengthen our memory, focus and increase vitality. We also do this lecture together with Annika Dopping.

Live Life 1 - An inspirational and spiritual lecture with:

Miquel Bonett  who traveled around nearly 40 countries and spent months with monks in the Indian Mountains and then worked as a Mental Trainer, Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Qi Gong instructor and also trained in massage therapy, sports nutrition, sports psychology and leadership. He has even won the world championship in the computer game Counter-Strike.


Elena Malmefeldt educates globally about the importance of lifestyle for physiology. She is specialized in the impact of exercise on physiology and how to optimize the brain, focus, memory and sleep. A year ago, she left Stockholm for a life in Roslagen and believes in the healing power of nature.

Live Life - A Lecture on Brain Power

Annika Dopping and Elena Malmefeldt tell us how our brains are affected in our time and what we can do to strengthen the brain's capacity in memory, focus and emotional stability.

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