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Metoder: Wellness Medical Screening  •  TM Flow  •  TBL-ABI

Medical area

Our products use specific software including data management focus in vascular function and autonomic nervous system assessments, which are frequent complications of diabetes or aging, side effects of medications or other chronic diseases.

We sell these only for the Scandinavian market. Contact us to get information from whom you can buy from, if your outside Scandinavia.

"Health is 


Guide your patients towards a stronger health

Evidence based wellness screening

Our selection of screening methodes

1. Wellness-Medical-Screening

This is a lifestyle management screening tool. Help your patients to do the best choices for their physiology and their health.

2. TM-flow

TM-flow for the diabetes doctors and nurses, included insulin resistance, microcirculation, C-fibers and endothelial function. 


TBL-ABI to detect PAD (peripheral artery diseases).

 "Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; 

it's about what you inspire others to do"

 80% of all diseases today is related to peoples lifestyle

Today most of the diseases originate from a chronic degeneration that is process based on degenerative cell changes, affecting tissues and organs and speed up the aging process.


Degenerative disease also called lifestyle related diseases and for that reason if a person gets the knowledge what’s going on inside of them, they can design their lifestyle to prevent these diseases to occur and decrease the aging process.


Personalized lifestyle plan based on true physiological data is a new way of working with proactive wellness program.

The future of medicin
Inspire your patient to be pro-active!

Welcome to contact us for more information

Welcome to contact us for more information


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